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Strappy sandals stuck in glue Lost Kitty Little Cat girl v7 stick is lost in a big house and finds herself in a sticky prediacment when her sandaled feet get stuck in strange goo. she tries to no avail to escape and panics when she hears the Big Dog coming home. what will happen to her?? 14.99
OUT OF REACH! Meredith gets stuck in her hotel room with her cell phone just out of reach. (new director's cut now 10 minutes ofincludes Bonus footage!) 19.99
Stuck in Betryal From the girlswithnobrakes archive. Meg gets her shoes glued to the pedals by a jealous rival. she getrs one shoe off only to find one bare foot stuck to the pedal!! see what happens 14.99
Melissa's Mishap Melissa has created the ultimate non leathal glue formula for her glue gun. She is up all night working on it cant wait to unveil it!! only she falls a sleep and accidentally spills some on the floor and finds herself a victim of her own genius!!(contains sandals, feet and butt stuck) 14.99
Stuck on the Job Sexy Cat girl Stick is back as a naughty house maid that desides to sleep ont he job..only to find her feet inexplicable trapped in strange sandals that wont come off and cause her great ticklign sessions. just whent hings cant get any worse..she finds herself STUCK!! 14.99
Kimmy stuck Business woman Kimmy arrives to see construction at her buidlig has not been completed as promised. wrose, they left MAXIM glue on teh ground. leaving the office with her heels in hand, she finds her tired bare feet inexcabably stuck. wills he get free? 9.99
Stella Stuck Stella Rose-Night star in a this short film about a cute gothy secretary out on her smoke break in the abandoned pat of the company she works at (so no one sees her). she tries to return to work but finds her sandaled feet hopelessly suck in strange glue left outsdie the factory.  12.99
Stuck after work. Jonbenet leaves work after everyone is gone..her feet are tired and has taken her strapy heels off ....she walks barefoot to her car and gets her barefeet stuck in a strange puddle of glue. 14.99
Cat Girl Feet Stuck in glue. Curious Kitty Cat-Girl extrordinare V7 Stick makes her sticky debut! she is a curious kitty who finds a weird puddle of some kind. after testing it with her finger she wonders what it will feel like on her bare feet....she eventlay finds out its way more than she barganed for. 12.99
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